Serving The Most Demanding Industries

EBTEC serves some of the most demanding industries by providing precision solutions to their fabrication challenges. Our complete array of high energy beam and conventional machining processes is unique, as it allows us to handle the entire fabrication and refurbishing process in-house, providing customers with the highest amount of efficiency, precision, and cost savings available.

From Aerospace to our current expansion into Power Generation, EBTEC works with some of the largest, category-leading companies nationally, leveraging our latest high energy beam and conventional fabrication processes to their benefit.

  • Defense

    EBTEC understands the challenges faced by manufacturers in the Defense industry: the uncompromising demands made on the exotic metals, alloys, and composites developed for advanced weapon systems; and the operational performance required of marine components subjected to continuous exposure to extreme temperature and humidity.

  • Power Generation

    As competition in the Power Generation industry increases, EBTEC is ready with solutions. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to help power producers improve the operating efficiency in the steam, gas, solar, nuclear, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, and electric Power Generation industries, giving their businesses a competitive advantage.

  • Medical

    EBTEC’s Medical device experience and capabilities have helped make many of the advanced instruments and implants used by leading doctors, dentists, and research scientists worldwide, possible. Our high energy beam and conventional machining processes can help support manufacturers in the orthopedic and general surgical sectors.

  • Aerospace

    The manufacture of high-stress components in military aircraft, airborne weapon systems, space vehicles, satellites, and commercial aircraft requires the most exacting standards. For nearly five decades, EBTEC has held itself to these standards, fabricating and refurbishing components for everything from unmanned aircraft and commercial engines to military rockets and airframes.

  • Industrial

    From heavy machinery to semiconductors, EBTEC’s high energy beam and conventional machining services have many cost-effective applications for Industrial products.

    Our high energy beam processes, including Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, EDM, Vacuum Heat Treating, and Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, as well as our conventional machining processes, can handle a full range of materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metals. EBTEC’s capabilities include automotive components, telecommunications components, diesel engine components, sensors, valves, oil drilling components, and more.