EBTEC’s Metallurgical Laboratory is fully equipped with the latest metallurgical evaluation equipment. This equipment provides clients in the Power Generation, Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial sectors with cross sectioning, mounting, polishing, etching, measuring, hardness checking, and high-resolution digital imagery linked to electronic communication.

Our Metallurgical Analysis includes:

  • Weld Penetration (depth)
  • Heat-Affected Zones (HAZ)
  • Internal Defects Evaluation (porosities, cracks, inclusions)
  • Recast Layer Evaluation (Laser/EDM)
  • Remelt Layer Evaluation (Laser/EDM)
  • Globules Evaluation (Laser/EDM)
  • Delamination Evaluation (Laser/EDM)
  • Cracks
  • Electronic Digital Mapping and Surface Textures