Surfi-Sculpt™ is a patented process of TWI and a wholly new, high energy beam process that can modify surface characteristics of any metal to exact tolerances, lending itself to virtually any market. Surfi-Sculpt™ is not a deposition process; this high energy beam process creates detailed protrusions and intrusions on any ferrous or nonferrous metal, allowing for an infinite number of textures or patterns, with a depth of penetration of .001′ to .150′.

The Benefits Of Surfi-Sculpt™ Metal Surface Texturing And Enhancements

  • Integrated into the electron beam process
  • Produces precise, detailed protrusions and intrusions on any metal
  • Allows infinite variations of textures, shapes, and patterns
  • Highly repeatable pattern capabilities
  • Process components up to 36″ x 36″ x 52″
  • Surface texture and enhancements created from parent material – nonadditive process
  • Nondeposition process